Anonymous said: Hello Kii! お疲れ様でした!I'm always here for Mejibray's translation and i appreciate it very very much, so much i can't put it in appropriate words. So thank you very much! I really enjoy reading the lyrics that Tsuzuku came up with, and his blog posts. I noticed that you've stopped translating his blog post. Is there any reasons? I'm aware that requests are currently closed, but i hope you will start translating his blog post soon in future! Thank you again for your hard work! <3

You’re welcome :) And hmm…I’ve never translated his blog regularly. It was pretty much just when I felt like it. Since I used to have much more free time, that happened more often. Honestly, I wish I could translate everything I like, but now I barely have any time so I tend to focus on things like lyrics. Also when he blogs my first usual reaction is to send him fanmail instead of translating so :”D
In any case, I might have more free time soon so we’ll see~

  • Ruki: Okay. I'm going to sleep until the data is done loading. Those of you who are working, have a good day at work. Those of you who are not, have a nice day off.
  • Ruki: Don't have enough time. Even if I cut down my sleeping time it's not enough. Not enough.
  • Ruki: Put something like Visine in my bloodshoot eyes, of course.
  • Ruki: I guess you guys have summer holidays in August?
  • Ruki: Ahh, summer vacation *glares*
  • Ruki: ( • ̀ω•́ ) Hm? Golden Week? At this point I'm like 'what is that even.'
  • Ruki: ( • ̀ω•́ ) HA? In autumn? Silver Week? I'm counting the ridiculous things you're saying...
  • Ruki: New Years? Now that's a welcome day.
  • (Golden Week is a period of holidays in April/May. Silver Week sometimes happens in autumn when holidays and weekends connect. Basically he's saying the only time he actually has holidays is around New Years.)

I keep forgetting that I decided to title twitter posts with the date they were originally posted on. Oh well D:

  • Koichi: {…Destroying bridges is much easier than building them.
  • Koichi: {…If you can find them, there are many things in this world that can bring you a tiny bit of happiness. But sometimes it happens that when you find them, you can't recognize them as a happy thing right away. And it also happens that you can't recognize them as a happy thing even until you die. Maybe there are things that aren't supposed to be thrown away so living life with your pockets full is not bad either.
  • Koichi: {…Maybe.
  • Ruki: Home after a lot of meetings. How far can I go with making the things I'd dreamed up into a reality? The struggle between that and the parts that might not be physically possible is something that I feel always makes me grow as a person. Details to come.
  • Ruki: And now I have to compose.
  • Ruki: Day 2 of Roppongi EX is over! Seems you've had fun? I did--or like--I've had quite a bit of adrenaline or something so it all felt great. I watched today's recording on the way home though and everyone looked like they were having a lot of fun so thank you ( • ̀ω•́ )♥︎
  • Ruki: Huh? Apparently there were people leaving trash around the live house?
  • Ruki: Thank you. Looks like there are also people who picked up the trash and plastic bottles and disposed of them properly. That's amazing.
  • Ruki: Lately I often hear how there's all kinds of bad manners (not only for fans of our band), and I think this lack of common sense and doing things everyone dislikes should stop. There are more of those who are well-behaved, so I think saying that everyone is like this would be a bit much. I'm only asking you guys to be great fans in every way possible.
  • Ruki: If I see any trash lying around after the live, I also pick it up, you know. So I'm asking you to please do the same if you notice it! Because I want to be able to thank the live houses after everything's back in order!
  • Ruki: And anyway, next is Sapporo! Prepare to tear the place down!
  • p.s. As I keep forgetting to take a photo after the lives, I've asked the staff to do it ( ›◡ु‹ )
  • Therefore, please take a look at the Gazette official account. The staff is supposed to update in real-time from Sapporo on.

MEJIBRAY - メランコリア (Melancholia) lyrics & translation

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  • Ruki: A lot of troubling things are happening in this world
  • Ruki: No matter how you look at it, the times we live in tend to seem unsettling.

Anonymous said: Hey there. Sorry if this is a bother, but are you still going to translate the Decadence Counting Goats interview of Mejibray? Also, wanted to thank you for the rest of the translations you've posted n.n

Uh, I might try but I barely have any free time so the little I have I prefer to spend on lyrics ;-; if I can, I will, but can’t promise anything. :(

Anonymous said: Hi maybe I didn't see it, but do you have the lyrics for Mejibray - Raven? Of not I will wait until new requests are open :D

Not yet, but I’ve already translated it and have it on my computer just need to edit it a bit. I was actually planning to post it today :D

So Aoi updated his Twitter description.
It says:

I have to take care of the work I currently have so I’ll pop in again sooner or later. Since I haven’t been on Twitter, work has been picking up so I’m really busy at the moment.