Anonymous said: Hey, Kii! thank you for translating that Mejinterview!!! have a good night <3

It was my pleasure c: and thanks!

MEJIBRAY “Theatrical Blue Black” ViSULOG interview translation

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I’m translating that Mejibray ViSULOG interview and I can’t stop laughing because Koichi is from another planet apparently.

I’m just one person, but I have countless selves in my head so I want you to have fun imagining them. There might be people who don’t care about the lyrics, but I think of myself as a poet instead of a vocalist. Tsuzuku (Theatrical Blue-black ViSULOG interview)

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Anonymous said: Or instead of save the kanji for "Salvation"? your help is so appreciated <3

That would be 救済.

Anonymous said: Could you please tell me the kanji for the word "Save" and also in kanji the phrase "To save the soul?"

In that sense, save would be 救う. and “to save the soul” 魂を救う.

Anonymous said: sorry to bother you but do you know what 'toy' Tzk was talking about in the WANT lyrics? if not it's okay I was just curious. thanks for translating :)

I believe it’s a person, since he said the song is about stolen love (in the sense of stealing a person away from someone they’re in a relationship with). The words he used for toy and damage can also be taken as “plaything,” in the sense of a person, and “damaged goods,” also in the sense of a person.
But I’ve also thought that, if you look at the whole thing a bit differently, you could say that the toy is a heart that was damaged and he took it back.

MEJIBRAY IS RELEASING A NEW ALBUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 「THE”420”THEATRICAL ROSES」 on December 3rd!!!!
I’m sorry but I’m so happy I have to yell on here too!!!!!!

Anonymous said: Do you think there's any connection between The Shining and the Inside Beast PV? The creepy girls in matching dresses, looking through doors, not to mention the whole hotel-esque feel?

It really hasn’t occurred to me but now that you mention it…it sort of has some connecting points :D I don’t think the point of the PV itself has anything to do with it though…but you know Ruki loves horror stuff so maybe he thought of similar things to put in the PV without even meaning to (I know when I’m writing or painting something, I often include some impression I’ve encountered somewhere and only realize it later :D)

Anonymous said: What do you think about the last heaven PV? I'm so curious ^-^

Loved it! For the most part :) I thought the band portions somehow didn’t fit during the first part (especially in sepia tone)…though maybe that’s because I haven’t seen the PV in high quality. But the second part improved on that front.
I really love the overall imagery though! Especially when the meteor turns into the tree (or roots) underwater, and the bird. The whole PV just proves what trauma-radio and I thought about the lyrics…that it’s not a love story between two people but a love story between musicians and music and their musical idols. :)

  • Ruki: It's morning. I should sleep. But this is so difficult. The song I'm making is not going well even though it took me 4 days for the intro and yet I'm getting ideas for other songs so easily. I feel like it's pretty obvious I should give up but at this point I can't just leave it.
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