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He actually “said” at a live I went to last year that he is younger than Mia. My guess is that he is 21.
He does look the youngest though~ but yknow, rumours. Not good for much :D

Anonymous asked: About the MiA name on FB thing does that mean that is his real name?? :o

That’s what it seems like. He also has his full date of birth on there so I guess he just doesn’t mind those things being public.

Anonymous asked: Are you Japanese? If you aren't how long did it take you to learn Japanese? ^^

Not even a little bit :D (I’m from Croatia.) And I’ve been studying for about four and a half years but I’m not done yet~ c:

Anonymous asked: Hi there! Was wondering if you can translate this to romaji 翔也阿津 this is MiA's name on his facebook thanks!

Man you confused me there for a sec because this is switched around but anyway…it’s 阿津翔也 in the correct Japanese name order and I think it’s read Azu Shouya (Shouya is the first name). 翔也 can also be read as Touya though but Shouya is much more common. I’ve never seen the actual pronunciation of his name written out so I can’t be 100% sure. It could be something else entirely. You never know with Japanese names -_-

Anonymous asked: Hi! Do you have any clues about the age of Meto?? He looks sooooo young... at least to me... heck, he looks like he's still in his teens... O_o

Rumour is he’s 23. Still a rumour though.

醜詠 obi (A-type)


Cosmos, that are in full bloom.
Quick, raise your fair faces to me.
Your visages after rain that look to be full of tears
And those on sunny days that might be as smiles,
They all carry to me feelings from that day.
Do not wither
Do not pass me by
I am but paint,
But you cosmos, there is none like you.


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Anonymous asked: Hi Kii! I'm Ayu. I currently manage an Indonesian webpage named kojaconreport with my friends and I am glad I stumble on your tumblr. If it's ok with you, I want to share your interview translations to my page. Of course with the credit to your tumblr. I have read your rules and I guess you're ok with the sharing. I just need you to confirm it first before I share your translation to my web page. I don't use tumblr so you can just reply here i guess. THANKS A LOT!

Yes, that’s quite all right. Thanks for asking and letting me know though~ :)

Anonymous asked: I was at the event too yesterday! I wonder if I saw you lol (probably not, I was like in the super far back surrounded by Japanese bangya), I'm glad you had fun there and at the instore too!

I saw several foreigners so maybe you did :D (I have red hair and was wearing a black sweater with white stars). I was on the second floor though *sadface* but it was really fun!

(Sorry for the late reply btw, I couldn’t answer from my phone for some reason ;;)



So I just met Mejibray. They’re all so nice omg. I was too shy to say anything properly which was fine I guess since I’m a foreigner so I get to play the confused card orz
I was really scared if Koichi was gonna be strange plus he was the first one but he was super niiiice and was like “is it okay to sign here?” and I was like *nodnod* and he was all smiley and we shook hands and he said “Come again!”. Tsuzuku said “Hi” before I said anything and while he was signing my cd cover, he pointed at one of my necklaces and was like *nodnod* “Nice!” Then we shook hands and I told him “Yesterday was really fun” (I saw them at an event live yesterday). He looked surprised, grinned and said “Oh please come again sometime then” and that was it ;; super short. MiA was super intense. Like he kept staring at me during the talk portion of the instore. And now he greeted me in Japanese and held my hand for a bit long and just stared. Idk. A little freaky :D Meto just signed my cd cover and gave me the comment dvd as present and I thanked him and that was iiiiiit. I wanna see them again ;;

two hours to go ♡

two hours to go ♡

I miss posting things regularly (´・ω・`) I’m so busy and time just flies by… I’ll try to do something about that soon~