nyawuff said: Hello I'm new to your blog and just started following cuz I need more Jrock blogs! ^-^ I was just wondering what bands you tend to work with or reblog the most?

I usually don’t reblog things. I post mainly Gazette and Mejibray translations, and sometimes Dir en grey and D.I.D. You can check my navigation for a list of what I’ve posted. I’d work on more bands’ stuff if I had time but I don’t :c

Anonymous said: Do you think "Akercock" have any special meaning?

Well, yes, the word itself has meaning. Akercock is the name of the spirit/demon that was summoned to be a familiar for Wagner (should he make a contract with him). Wagner himself was a loyal servant of Faust, whom Faust had named his heir. Wagner asked that the spirit present himself in the form of a monkey. The name Akercock is the English translation of the name that appears in Historia von D. Johann Fausten, which is the first published book of the Faust legend. (In German, the name is some version of Auerhan.)
Anyway, Faust left Wagner his possessions and summoned Akercock, and told Wagner to write his biography, and if he couldn’t remember something, his spirit Akercock would help him.
But as to why it was chosen as a song title, I don’t know.

Anonymous said: could you translate aoi's twitter bio?

yeah, he was responding to Reita’s tweet about dreams and it says:

It occurred to me when I saw Reitaman’s tweet—when men feel disappointed by (waking up from) a good dream, it must be THAT kind of a dream right? They’re really something (-°_°-)

  • Reita: The editing continues. Unrelated, but man there are so many foreign TV shows it's gonna be difficult seeing them all while I'm still alive. So I'll just keep watching in the afterlife!

DIR EN GREY - LOTUS lyrics & translation

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  • Reita: It seems that there are still fake REITAs out there. You should know that the only places where you can find the real one are the FC blog, this verified account, and on the stage. I think you should be aware that anything other than that are fakes. I hope you won't associate with them!
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ayabie-neverland said: See I love reading this stuff. I like understanding. You should definitely do it more often (as far as possible).

And I love, love talking about it. I could do it all day tbh because there is just SO MUCH of it and it’s so interesting and even when you think his lyrics sound really simple, they’re actually loaded with buckets of symbolism and connections to other songs. There are a few songs with long explanations that I need to post soon (Sliver and Madari and -XV-) so that should be interesting~

Anonymous said: Hello! I see that you've translated Mejibray's メサイア! Thank you so much for the translation; its one of my favs from Mejibray. Just curious, what do you think the song means? The lyrics are sort of confusing..? I don't understand it..

Yeah, that’s one of the more confusing ones. It’s not difficult per se, it’s just that it’s one of those very Tsuzuku things that are hard to get, especially if looked at out of context, since a lot of his lyrics share the same motifs.
For example, the tower mentioned in Messiah is the same motif of the tower from Invisible Tower maker—in other words, the tarot card The Tower. Tsuzuku has included some cards in his lyrics, either noting them by number, name, or by imagery. I’ve so far found 6 or so. I think there are more, but they’re really well-hidden. He is sneaky as hell.
Anyway, tarot cards can be read in different ways, depending on whether they’re in regular position or upside-down, and I feel like Messiah the song mostly represents card #3, which is The Empress, in regular position. And in Fallen “MARIA” (where it’s even mentioned by number #3), I feel like the meaning is taken from the card’s reversed position. (I suggest reading up on the card.) Basically, the Messiah and Fallen “MARIA” are the same person, but the songs are written from a different point in time.
Anyway, the Empress is the Great Goddess and Queen of Heaven, and she represents things like: creation of life, love, motherhood, fertility, attraction, sensuality, and basically everything to do with creation and natural pleasures. She is in certain ways also associated with Virgin Mary, but they are not the same. The Empress does represent “the refuge of sinners,” just like Mary, though, and I think that might be why the song is called Messiah. (Note that I don’t mean that the person that’s being talked about in the songs is the actual Empress or Mary—those are simply two ways of symbolically describing the same person. Also why “Maria” is written in quotes.)
Also, the part of the lyrics “I am the garden, you are the seed,” makes me even more convinced of it, since The Empress represents the earthly Garden of Eden. (And let’s not even go into the lyrics of the next song on that album,【worms】, and the symbolism of apples…see, everything is connected.)

So what I’m saying is, this isn’t one of those songs where you can just say “it’s about this and this.” Instead of that, it’s one of those songs that paint a symbolic picture; you just need to know which perspective you’re supposed to be looking from. I mean, I could explain the song line by line but that would take a long time and my time is very limited ;~;

So these are just some things to think about. The fact is that Tsuzuku’s lyrics, while linguistically rather simple, are incredibly convoluted because a large number of them are connected either in subject or motif, and sometimes it’s impossible to understand a part of one song unless you’ve first read and understood the lyrics of some other one. I do get pretty much everything he’s talking about but to explain certain songs I’d have to explain a lot of others, too. For example, in Messiah, the part “painting stolen by strangers” has a connection all the way back to the lyrics of Sliver (which I’m about to post soon though so maybe that’ll clear some things).
Unfortunately, explaining all the songs and metaphors and how they’re connected would take forever (and also I kind of don’t want to because some concepts seem way too personal and I’d be uncomfortable talking about them. It’s his thing.) Some day when I have time I’d like to at least write up all of his main motifs because they’re all connected into a circle and it’s beautiful ;~;

I didn’t get to thank everyone separately on Saturday for the birthday wishes, so I just wanna say now, thank you everyone~! You’re all sweethearts ♡

  • Reita: I drink so much carbonated water you could say my body's made of it. About 2 litres a day.
  • Reita: Not talking about juice! It's carbonated water so it also has no calories. Drinking 2 litres of juice would be totally dangerous!

lapetiteblack said: reita has a twitter now?!?!?! may i know his user? O:

yes, it’s https://twitter.com/gazette05Reita

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Thank you dear (*^^*) (now that Reita’s on twitter, it’s already the best day ever :DD)

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Thanks~! :3

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