• Reita: I'm looking for new equipment and I tried some out but it's impossible to know how it'll sound unless I try it out at a live. I have to set up a lot of stuff before the next tour.
  • Reita: After changing the strings, my whole bass somehow looks like it's satisfied. Same thing with my car or bike—after I fill them up with gas, they seem happy. People also seem happy after they've eaten. So if I change my strings while I'm also eating and during filling up gas...that sounds like it would be awesome!

Anonymous said: please translate REITA tweet today... please.

On it.

MEJIBRAY - Sliver lyrics & translation

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MEJIBRAY - カルマ-瓦礫のマンティコーラース- (Karma -gareki no mantichoras-) lyrics & translation

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MEJIBRAY - DECADANCE lyrics & translation

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I see that xmyrkul has translated Meji’s DECADANCE interview that was asked of me several times and that I wanted to do myself, but since there’s one translation out there already, I’m going to drop it.
Because I tried translating it earlier this month and couldn’t get past like the third question. Obviously it’s not about understanding it, it’s just that reading it once was painful enough. (。-_-。)
I’ll just focus on lyrics, that’s my thing.

  • Aoi (twitter profile August 25): I'm happy that a lot of people are trying to get the tickets for the last tour of this year (-°_°-) I can't wait for the day when I can see you!

versoacabado said: omg I tried so hard to make any sense out of those two tweets, now I know why I wasn’t understanding them ._. Anpanman references, lol. Thanks for letting us know!

Yeah, he mentioned Jam ojisan and Cheese the dog and Batako but he wrote them in a way that doesn’t say their names exactly xD (like he wrote Batako with kanji 罵蛸) I haven’t watched Anpanman myself so other than names those references kinda fly over my head because I have no idea what those characters do in there so :’)

  • Ruki: Ah, the lottery results for the next tour were in today? How did you do?
  • Ruki: There's a lot of losses?
  • Ruki: I see...that's too bad. Well, other regions should be rather easy to get so if you have time, come there~. I promise you that after the live, you'll say "I'm glad I came! (though my head ended up flying off somewhere ( ›◡ु‹ ))"
  • Ruki: I read the new issue of Tokyo Ghoul in pauses between work. What is up with this cliffhanger.

Anonymous said: can you please translate RUKI tweet last night? please...

Nobody translated them? ok give me a minute~ (I’ll skip the two where he mentioned Anpanman characters though because they make little sense in English and if you haven’t watched Anpanman)

nyawuff said: Hello I'm new to your blog and just started following cuz I need more Jrock blogs! ^-^ I was just wondering what bands you tend to work with or reblog the most?

I usually don’t reblog things. I post mainly Gazette and Mejibray translations, and sometimes Dir en grey and D.I.D. You can check my navigation for a list of what I’ve posted. I’d work on more bands’ stuff if I had time but I don’t :c

Anonymous said: Do you think "Akercock" have any special meaning?

Well, yes, the word itself has meaning. Akercock is the name of the spirit/demon that was summoned to be a familiar for Wagner (should he make a contract with him). Wagner himself was a loyal servant of Faust, whom Faust had named his heir. Wagner asked that the spirit present himself in the form of a monkey. The name Akercock is the English translation of the name that appears in Historia von D. Johann Fausten, which is the first published book of the Faust legend. (In German, the name is some version of Auerhan.)
Anyway, Faust left Wagner his possessions and summoned Akercock, and told Wagner to write his biography, and if he couldn’t remember something, his spirit Akercock would help him.
But as to why it was chosen as a song title, I don’t know.

Anonymous said: could you translate aoi's twitter bio?

yeah, he was responding to Reita’s tweet about dreams and it says:

It occurred to me when I saw Reitaman’s tweet—when men feel disappointed by (waking up from) a good dream, it must be THAT kind of a dream right? They’re really something (-°_°-)

  • Reita: The editing continues. Unrelated, but man there are so many foreign TV shows it's gonna be difficult seeing them all while I'm still alive. So I'll just keep watching in the afterlife!